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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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tonight's show. what you thought about what the legal panel said wh you think we should do tomorrow night's show. good night from washington. k fot right before mr. bill mr. bill o'reilly. >> tonight. we need to get our debt, our spending all in order because we're in trouble. >> how do you get people to make more than $9 an hour. you create a robust economy. >> bill: what is the biggest problem facing america? two new analysts scott brown and herman cain will tell us and i will weigh in on that. >> i'm a clinton person. that is the way politics is. >> bill: how does president obama stack up against president clinton? >> he needs to go into the room
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>> bill: here come the lawsuits against carnival cruise operation. he millions of dollars will be sought with the ship falling apart on the high seas. is it legal? >> caution you are about to enter the no-spin zone. factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching tonight. what is the biggest problem facing the country today? that is the subject of this evening's talking points. on paper the biggest problem is the national debt approaching $70 trillion with no end in sight and failure of pinheads to deal with the debt in washington. if the massive borrowing continues the u.s. economy could very well collapse, but in
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reality, no on the paper, the biggest problem the nation has is us, our mentality. it is changing. after the allies defeated nazis in world war ii millions of people returned home to start families and careers. prevailing wisdom was simple, work hard, respect your country, provide a good education for your kids. the u.s.a. was not a fair society back then as blacks and other minorities were trying for equal rights but most viewed the country as noble. now, my parents were among the majority of americans who felt this way. my father worked hard for modest pay, was honest didn't want anything from the government. didn't get drunk or take drugs. he didn't take anything from me and provided a blueprint for my success by paying for my private education. my parents insist i work for my money and did not care at all
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whether i liked it or not. nuns demanded that i learn math, english and history. the brothers at the high school gave me three hours of homework a night. nobody mentioned welfare programs. so i worked hard, played sports and toughed out the hard times not depending on daddy or ma'am any or anyone else. i made my own way. here i am. today we have a far different society in america. one where the president of the united states who sets the tone believes his country is not a fair place. also, believes his mandate is to change the capitalistic system so that washington, d.c. can provide. millions of americans are buying in. if you don't succeed on your own don't worry about it, it's not your fault and checks will be sent to help you out. that is philosophy saps personal
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motivation and creates a mind set of victimization. if the president believes the deck is stacked in favor of the rich, what chance do i have? add that mindset the rise of machines where you and i can create our own little worlds, playing mindless games or texting about trivia or writing vicious emails. we don't even have to leave the house. we can live an entirely made up world, but, of course, we do have to leave the house. that is when the trouble begins. what is society doing to encourage achievement these days? nothing at all. if you are prosperous you are a bad person in many people's minds. tomorrow, how judges and politicians are imposing a different country on all of us than the one my parents lived in.
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but tonight the biggest problem the country has is the way we the people are now behaving. that is mel oh. if you have a point have view on this. former senator of massachusetts, scott brown. senator, what is the biggest problem in your opinion? >> i think it's a combination. debt, jobs, national security, energy which actually makes it so individuals and businesses are uncertain as to what the tax policy is and what the regulatory policy is. they are kind of standing idle and then you throw the amazing amount have debt and deficit, it adds up as you reference in your opening, just as tremendous amount of gridlock and indecision that is contributing to the negative impressions about our leadership and about people that are trying to solve those very real problems. >> bill: but we allowed it to happen. we re-elected president obama.
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in your state in massachusetts where i was educated and worked for many years, your state is off the chart, off the chart for big government. they want all the things that the president says he will provide. they want income redistribution. so, yes, the problem is that our government is riding us into bankruptcy, but we the people are allowing it. why? >> let me just reference that. listen, bill, as you referenced my mom and dad were married four times and my mom was on welfare. the safety net, not as lifelong entitlement and there are people in massachusetts and throughout this great country who care very deeply which direction we are going on in. i'm one of them. >> bill: most of folks in your
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state don't see it the way you see it even though you were elected as senator. >> they see it but they also fell for the rhetoric, when you put republicans in charge of the senate they are going to take away all of our rights. but on the fiscal issues we have tremendous amount of hard working people in massachusetts because we are an innovative state. >> bill: i need a why here. >> fire away. >> bill: massachusetts has a $540 million budget shortfall this year. massachusetts owes $17 billion, that is never going to be able to pay back. massachusetts has 131 democrats in the state house, 29 republicans. okay? massachusetts basically, not everybody, of course, we know that but massachusetts en masse, is saying we are buying into the big spending government nanny
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state that is being presented to us. i want to know why? >> listen, you forgot to add the fact we have had three speakers indicted. three senators, one is in jail. a probation scandal, housing scandal, treasury scandal, drug rap scandal. the proposal by the governor to continue to tax people back to the stone age. why? listen -- because it's a one party system. you have no check and balance. >> bill: why is it a one party system, why? you have what, six million people in massachusetts. >> there is 4.6 million voters. >> bill: most of them are in the boston area. these are largely educated group it's a largely educated state and sophisticated state with a long glorious history. yet, the majority of people in the state of massachusetts has
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said we want this irresponsible spending. we want a one-party system. why? >> i wish i could answer that. >> bill: so do i. it is a mystery of the universe, but that gets back to my point. it's a mystery but that gets back to my point. it's our fault that barack obama is creating or trying to creating kri a nanny state. we gave him another term when we had an alternative. >> it is interesting. in massachusetts, people are starting to wake up. i think throughout the country because they are looking at that i paychecks and dwindling. their money is going away. they are paying attention. keep the faith. don't give up. >> bill: no, that is why we're fighting a good fight, senator. that is what we do. congratulations on your new job at fnc. next on the rundown, mer man cane will get the same question.
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and james carville will get the same question. and carnival cruise lines, we'll and carnival cruise lines, we'll today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site.
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gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small. >>. >> bill: in the impact segment, we continue with our lead story, what is the biggest problem facing america. and here is herman cain. and you say? >> hello, bill. i say the biggest problem that th country has a deficiency of leadership. we do not have a leader in the white house. we have a politician in the white house who is continuing his popularity campaign even though he has already been re-elected. this deficiency of leadership is why the debt is out of control, why this economy is shrinking
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instead of growing. why the unemployment rate is not going down and a host of other problems stem from a deficiency of leadership. president obama is not a leader. he is a politician who is more interested in his popularity than getting results. >> bill: why is he popular, the guy has really not solved many problems. that is what it comes down to. so why is he so popular? >> he is so popular because 51% of the voters were misled enough to vote for him. >> bill: come on. after that long, long campaign that you and all the other republican hopefuls engaged in and mr. romney has a billion dollars to spend and are you still telling me the american people were misled? >> well, we are that dumb.
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keep in mind, not everybody. remember, he got 51% of the popular vote. when you say all of america, no. >> bill: you know what i'm talking about the majority sets the tone. majority sets the tone on the direction of the country. >> yes. yes, and we have a severe ignorance problem with the people who are so mesmerized by his popularity they are not looking at the facts. martin luther king said 50 years in 1963 something that is so appropriate to today there is nothing more dangerous than serious ignorance. >> bill: i don't see it is getting any better. look, the public school system has pretty much collapsed, not in every district but there are very fine public schools but across the board we have political correctness wiping out
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education what is right and wrong. you have a de emphasis on civics and english. a system that is strangling by the teachers unions. you have a zillions of dollars going into the head started program which the government says doesn't work. we're not going to get relief from the education system. no relief coming there. then on the machine front you have got machines now that have taken over people's lives. they are not paying attention to what herman cain or bill o'reilly. they have some game or porn or whatever they got. [ laughter ] >> bill: it's going to get worse in this country with the combination of poor education and the machines, am i crazy? >> you are not crazy. bill, i agree with you. here is why i am cautiously optimistic. some people are waking up to the fact it is unfortunate that sometimes suffering is the best teacher.
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we are going to have four years of economic suffering and suffering in a lot of other ways and then maybe more people will wake up. >> bill: that could do it. if the economy.... >> suffering is sometimes the best teacher. >> bill: senator brown referred to that because the paychecks are getting smaller with the taxation kicking in and obamacare taxation hasn't begun yet. wait until you see what happens there, so maybe that is the wake-up call that they simply, they being the american people, we the people. but for every private person there is going to be another person on disability, another person getting entitlements. you see how the nanny state is being created, mr. cain. you see it. what we earn doesn't matter. it is what we are given. that is the big shift in america not what we earn but what we're
11:18 pm
going to get. >> it is the big shift for a lot of people. the suffering that we are going to endure, people already saw it with the first paycheck in 2013 when everybody's taxes went up even though president obama kept saying, that it was only going to go on those evil rich people. my point is this. i still have faith, bill, in enough people that can wake up and get out of the ignorance zone and we then be able to elected the right kind of people going forward. so we're going to suffer for four years. >> bill: let me pointed out one thing. after everybody absorbs the tax rise in their paycheck, barack obama's job approval ratings did not go down. directly ahead, james carville as what he sees the biggest problem and how he president obama differs from president
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>>. >> bill: we continue our analysis what the biggest problem in america actually is. joining us from new orleans, democratic strategist james carville. you have heard so are far what they said on the program. first you define what the biggest problem and where i'm going wrong and other guests, as well? >> i think it's a long range problem. since the 70s we haven't been able to grow incomes. between 1973 and 1995 everybody got a raise. around 1975 or so till now there is basically not been a raise for 65% of the people and we're having a hard time to figure out
11:23 pm
how to deal with this. right now currently the biggest problem we have had too much people unemployed and this is human tragedy of first order. we need to be looking at very closely to see what we need to do about this. >> bill: first problem about wages being stagnant and actually falling for african-americans under president obama, how does the leadership in america deal with that? does the federal government take over the private economy? how do you deal with that in system cap list particular system where competition drives wages? >> well, again, its long term problem has been going on since the '70s. we have been through we are still in recession. technically we are out of recession but we're in difficult times as a result of the housing crisis, most people lost 40% of their wealth. obviously, african-americans have been hit hard with this.
11:24 pm
there is no doubt about that. on the upside we're starting to come out of it. economic numbers are looking better and healthcare costs are better and we will have a bunch of clean source of energy on online. we have some things.... >> bill: you are avoiding my question. what is the solution to the wages? look, the obama administration wants to control the private economy, the marketplace. they are doing a lot of things to make the marketplace responsible to washington, not to competition. so is that the right way to go, or do you allow the free marketplace to take it where it wants to take it? >> first, i think we have a vibrant free market. i tell what not to do, don't cut social security or unemployment compensation, these kinds of things or medicare that are keeping people to the extent they can stand the stay in the middle-class. >> bill: nobody is talking about
11:25 pm
cutting medicare or social security. >> they are talking about it today. >> bill: we paid into it. >> people are talking, paul ryan is not talking about cutting medicare? >> bill: you are talking about the other system where you would have an option. >> i'm sorry everybody is talking about cutting medicare. simpson-boles people came out today. president said he is open to cuts in medicare. >> bill: it would only come from people that are wealthy. all right? let's get back to the vision that president obama has as compared to your former boss bill clinton. clinton had a very responsible fiscal policy. he ran a surplus in some of the years he was president. he didn't attempt to micromanage the private sector and he a couple economic bumps in the road.
11:26 pm
whereas president obama is biggest spending president in history so far, i don't really give too much of -- i don't care much about the debt. clinton kind of did or am i wrong? >> first of all, when president clinton was taking office the economy was starting to grow. when president obama was shrinking. you have to be fair. you are a fair guy, we have to be fair. okay? that is one thing about fair guy. let's be fair here. secondly, you know, i think that some of them both of them raised taxes on the wealthy. both of them tried to deal with healthcare. much to my chagrin obama was more successful than president clinton was. both signed trade agreements. >> bill: you don't see a big difference between the two? >> not so much.
11:27 pm
i see in terms of style. i think president clinton is much more outgoing guy. >> bill: that is not what i am talking about. aam talking about economic philosophy. i think president obama wants to create a western european nanny state? >> i do think that he believes in aggressive government in a downturn and other a lot of other people do. look at the auto industry situation. i think it was pretty aggressive there. >> bill: all right, james carville down in louisiana. factor moves along. 40% of americans eat at restaurants at least once a week. what exactly are we eating? and texas teenager sues his parents on their commands to have a abortion. details on that. we hope you stay tuned for t
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>> stossel matters, you're investigating adam lanza, the monster who killed 20 children . and pbs is trying to find out why he did what he did and spotlighted the role his mother played. >> did you learn that nancy lanza had taken adam out of high school. >> yes. >> why do you think she took him out. >> i don't know, i pondered
11:32 pm
that for a long time. >> and you have a boy who was receiving a tremendous amount of support, suddenly, when she pulls him out of there, he loses all of those support groups and that's where he's fallen farther and farther into his proms. he didn't have the mental support group that he once had. >> bill: and john stossel, anchor, fox news channel. and this is the problem with adam lanza and people like him. there were warning signs, the teacher in the same school in newtown, they knew that he was a troubled kid, but his mother, for whatever reason, pulls him out of the school and then makes the situation worse, but in a free society his mother has a right to do whatever she wants to do. >> yes, and he was nowhere near the line where the state had any business to intervene. >> bill: he wasn't violent. he didn't do anything that the
11:33 pm
law was involved with. >> mother was not afraid of him. >> bill: so she said. although, i question that, but it hasn't been proven that she was. but this guy was obviously a litt litt -- aloof, barricaded himself in the the basement, playing video games and mother had to pull him out of high school. the mother was a loon, too, she's taking him with guns and all this have and i always say you can't stop the crazyies from doing what they do and i think this is a good example of it. >> i agree, you can't stop the crazeies. there aren't more now despite more media and we're more obsessed because we see more about it. but there's nothing government can do without imprisoning lots of innocent people. >> bill: and taking a lot of dubious characters and getting them into the system. there's anotherlement here and that's the video game element.
11:34 pm
the hartford current has also been investigating the situation. >> the government has learned that investigators have speculated privately that adam may have carried out the shooting in a manner consistent with video gaming, changes his weapons magazine frequently even though it was not empty. federal agents have told reporters that nancy and adam visited shooting ranges together as recently as several months ago. >> bill: now, do you favor a tighter restriction on the sale of violent video games? >> no. >> bill: you don't? >> no, they never-- any more than gun control, neither will help. there's just no-- the hartford current also said they found a thousand dollars worth of games in his basement. violent games. >> violent games, in my house there's just as many violent games in the basement. >> bill: and remember he when the smoking ads were banished from television and radio, smoking went down in this country. >> because there was also an education campaign. and ban--
11:35 pm
>> and there wasn't -- it wasn't exposed visually any more and that's powerful. and i'm wondering whether some of these window games should be like classified as x-rated that nobody under 18 can buy them. i'm wondering whether we shouldn't have that. >> don't we already have that, widely ignored rating system and there is data that shows you get angrier playing the game, but i get angry watching your show. >> everybody does. >> and much more with the violent games and there's less crime. >> bill: no regulation on the video games. >> no. >> bill: snuff films? >> snuff films, yes-- >> that's a crime. >> killing people. >> bill: and in virtual, pornography is okay and you can half show it, but if they're not real people doing it, that's fine. >> they watch the most violent games in japan and they have the least crime. >> bill: that's true, the japanese are an interesting society. all right, john stossel
11:36 pm
everyone and this is time to tout a brand new bill o'reilly poll. does it matter that president obama played golf with tiger woods over the weekend? did you vote, stossel. >> yes. >> bill: stossel voted, you do, too and some of you ask about my new book out in the fall and we'll tell you what the book is on tomorrow's factor. you'll be surprised. it will be big. we'll come right back, big night. lawsuits flying against carnival cruise line because carnival cruise line because of the recent sea disasasasasa great, everybody made it. we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys. ah sometimes the caps lock gets stuck on my keyboard. hey do you wanna get a drink later?
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>> bill o'reilly, and legal segment three hot topics beginning with the carnival cruise debacle. as you may know fire on board the huge ship with more than 3100 passengers, knocked out some sewage and water services creating mass chaos and big time hard feelings. now, the lawsuits beginning to fly. and the attorneys as well, very specifically there's been what, two filings. >> two filings that we know of. >> bill: they are saying what. >> that carnival was negligent, that they knew when the boat went out there were problems with the boat. >> bill: let me stop you. >> yes. >> bill: these people are purporting. >> purporting. >> bill: that the carnival cruise line put a ship on the
11:41 pm
high seas. >> triumph. >> bill: they knew was going to break down and cause havoc, does it make sense to anybody? >> it may make sense. >> bill: you're the ceo of carnival and say you call your guys and say put a ship that the toilets don't flush out there. you say what. >> they had a problem where the engines went out. prior, they should have known. >> bill: this ship had problems before. >> they did. >> bill: and they can document that. >> that's what they're going to try to do. >> that's alleged in the proceedings and now discover, mechanical information, all of that paper work to see-- >> and all the records. >> maintenance. >> bill: i understand when you go on a cruise, guilfoyle that you sign a contract, right. >> yes, you do. >> bill: the contract basically says you can't sue us for anything. >> you can't sue for emotional or physical distress.
11:42 pm
if you've got a claim, physically injured by the cruise line you're supposed to go to arbitration specifically for cruise line, in florida the court of jurisdiction there. >> bill: basically says you can't sue us. >> a contract by the way is eight pages long. i can barely read it, and the print is so tiny. >> bill: sure. now, will that hold weight? you can't class action it. all 3000 people can't join together. >> that's an important point. and that is specified in the contractual agreement, but guess what, a judge can get around that by consolidating the courts in the effort to have judicial efficiency which makes sense. >> bill: and to say. >> join us. >> bill: join us together, but we can't do it all by-- but the contract basically protects the cruise line from this kind of thing. >> unless the cruise line is negligent. that's the key and issue here. >> bill: just simplify this as now i am a simple man. we all know that and anybody who doesn't know that raise
11:43 pm
your hands. no hands. and they basically have to show that this boat was a bad thing. >> bad boat. >> bill: that it had a history of this sort of thing and then-- >> and why did they tow the boat for five days and perhaps take a shorter route to mexico. >> bill: and poeople said they had to tow it. >> and why did it take so long. the questions they'll have. >> bill: another important story as well. >> yes. >> bill: two ice agents in 2011 go across the border into mexico, they're in a vehicle. they are ambushed. >> sapata and avila. one of them is killed. >> bill: sapata and avila is wounded. it's against u.s. law for agents to take guns. >> a weapon across. >> bill: across into mexico. >> correct. think were, we assume unarmed. probably weren't because ice agents and everybody else knows they have to have
11:44 pm
weapons, but we don't know for a fact. now the families of the two ice agents are suing the u.s. government, why? >> they're suing for negligence to say that you knew that this was a particularly dangerous area where you assigned these two individuals. >> bill: which is true. >> 100% true, that it's heavily trafficked by-- >>, but the federal agents put themselves in danger all the time. >> there's an immunity issue unless they can pierce it and establish a clear take of negligence on the part of the u.s. government that they knew that they put in danger, their agents in danger. >> that's a long shot. the u.s. government sent out a notice don't let anybody go down the roads, it's dangerous roads. >> bill: somebody disobeyed the notice. >> that's what they're alleging. >> bill: that puts it in play. >> prior knowledge, a 25 million dollar lawsuit, sapata, and 12 1/2. >> and a girl in houston is
11:45 pm
pregnant, parents try to pressure her to have an abortion, she doesn't want an abortion and the judge said. >> a judge said today rendered an order they can go forward with the pregnancy. the parents tried to threaten her, they tried to give her-- >> we know what they did. so the judge says, you can't -- the state is not going to force a girl to have an abortion because that would have been crazy. >> the law. >> choice goes both ways, abortion and the rights of the child. >> bill: and the parents were warned off action against the girl. >> the girl wants to marry her boyfriend. >> bill: 16-year-old boyfriend and a cautionary tale. >> and the judge says the parents have to pay for her cell phone and her car until-- >> we're glad no one is forced to have an abortion even if you're 16. >> this is the law of the land. >> bill: all right, ladies, follow the carnival cruise, a big case. >> yes. >> bill: and the ice agents in mexico.
11:46 pm
>> will do. >> bill: and in a moment, should americans forgive politicians who do rotten things? there are so many of them i guess we have to. and what americans like to eat in restaurants. we have the data in the tip of the day up ahead. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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>> the segment between a rock and a hard place. and remember mark stanford, fooled around on his wife some argentine woman. big scandal. now, he's running for congress. >> washington doesn't add up. for years while many have fought i've done something about it. cut spending, reduced debt and made government more accountable and experienced none of us go through life without mistakes.
11:50 pm
we can learn about grace, a god of second chances and be better for it. in that light i humbly step forward and help in changing washington. >> bill: should politicians have a second chance? sanford as you remember served out his term, but he lied and said he was camping. >> hiking the appalachian trail. >> bill: he was down in buenos aires with the bombshell who he's engaged to. and he waits years and comes back to run as a congressman and you say? >> i say give him a second chance. if he didn't lie to his constituents. he did, that much is true, but this is largely a personal scandal which is a little different than a public scandal. if you abscond with taxpayer money, ripping off the taxpayer, that's a wholly different kind of, breaking the law. >> bill: i agree that there's
11:51 pm
different-- >> this is a different caliber and a guy who made amends to his family and apologized to the-- >> his wife still hates them. and-- >> they can work that out. >> and you say make amends to his family. >> that's sort of none of our business and he apologized to the people of south carolina, and put out the ads and asking god for forgiveness and ask our our grace and why not give them to him. >> and i agree with the forgiveness part. and if we didn't give politicians second chances there'd be no politicians, but sen tured as i understand it to use taxpayers dollars for some of his argentine trips. >> bill: the state of south carolina didn't really pursue that, which is an interesting thing in itself. so, you say, and you have to say it because of bill clinton. >> because there are no republicans that have ever gone off the appalachian trail, only democrats. >> bill: and in louisiana and-- >> going to do a list of
11:52 pm
people. >> bill: but craig is done and-- >> a lot of them are done. >> bill: and would you say it's equal between the parties. >> they all do it. everybody is human. >> bill: so, what you're saying is that if it's a personal thing like bill clinton, like sanford, and it's not malfeasance and money and all of that, then, the voter should forgive. >> or breaking the law. remember, in the clinton case, it was about obstruction of justice, it wasn't just about sex in his personal life, it was about importing criminal act into the public sphere. that's why bill clinton was impeached. he was not convicted, but impeached. in this case you don't have any real law breaking. >> bill: but you lied if the money was spent running back and forth to argentina, if that were the money-- >> look, he had the primary in the first congressional district in south carolina, it will be up to these folks to determine whether or not-- >> the way it is. >> you're both benevolent tonight and you want to forgive this guy. >> it explains to the people of south carolina. >> bill: the truth of the matter, throughout history
11:53 pm
almost all of our presidents, all of them, did stuff like this. jefferson, not lincoln, not washington. but fdr. i mean, you name it. warren harding. it's outrageous what he did. >> and the scandals, right, chasing the women and that kind of stuff. >> it wasn't just the women, it was they all did things in their personal lives. i mean, us grant was a drunk, drunk all the time. >> and a great general. >> bill: a great general. when he was a president he allowed his brother to steal the treasury line because he was bombed half the time yet, we americans have-- >> and john f. kennedy. >> bill: john f. kennedy. >> never really-- >> did you read "killing kennedy"? >> you wrote it, i read it. >> bill: a great point. >> true. >> bill: look at kennedy and all he did personally. >> and what they did now as politicians-- >> the press protected jfk and the press-- >> and giving him anyway, they certainly have in the court of public opinion posthumus.
11:54 pm
>> and they look at them in the eye and they usually get it. >> we're a for giving people. >> bill: we should be, most of the nation is christian and a christian tenet is forgiveness. >> i would say judeo christian. >> bill: well, not you, thank you, everyone. and back for the tip of the day. what we are eating in restaurants may surprise you. tip 60 seconds away. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it.
11:55 pm
siemens. answers. >> factor tip of the day in a moment. what americans like to eat in restaurants, but first, miller will be with us tomorrow and both he and i would like to thank everybody in phoenix, bolder fresher show on friday night completely sold out. in los angeles nearly sold out for march 1st, but a few for seats on sale at the nokia theater. denver, kansas city, wesbury long island 90% sold and really appreciate it, you
11:56 pm
guys, shows are a blast. details on and the dvd is there as well if you can't see us in person. and delilah, iowa, as a kindergarten teacher i can tell you why head start is not working, the teacher is doing paper work. >> i work for head start in virginia, but all i did was paper work, kids got fed, but learned little. >> mary, there's a need for programs and the government can't turn their back on these kids. so teach them reading, mary, it's simple. teach them reading. >> in prosecutor cot, arizona, bill recording your discussion with juan williams, it's not that white america doesn't care about black on black crime it's that we can't talk about it without being branded racist. >> from california, many black leaders use racism as an excuse for failures in black communities. a self-inflicted wound because
11:57 pm
things don't improve. jessica stone, new south wales, australia, bill, i was delighted to see killing kennedy was a recommended book in a bookstore here. last night. >> 1200 nonfiction. >> in october of 2012, bill o'reilly doubled up on the best seller list with killing lincoln and this other murderous book. >> what is killing kennedy? >> that's it. >> bill: and tell alex if he's a premium member at he gets any of my books free of charge. and from colorado bill, shame on you for saying that glenn beck is doing some internet thing. that shows disrespect. but he is doing some internet thing, james. gene key largo, florida, beck makes more sense than you and all of your guests combined. from atlanta, bill, we stayed
11:58 pm
in a big hotel in vegas and upgraded us for $25 a night, but they charged 100% tax on the upgrade. that's why you have to get all the charges in writing. request that the check-in people write everything down or you're going to get hammered at the hotel. larry, from hawaii, bill, if you don't want to pay six bucks for bottled water, drink out of the tap. tip of the day for you. what happens, larry, when the tap water is purple? it often is. the hotel should give you free bottled water. all right? especially if you're paying more than $300 a night, they don't give you water, come on. let's go with it. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day. a university in new jersey did a survey what are americans
11:59 pm
eating when they he go to restaurant. 20% of us rate italian as a first choice. 17% american steak, fish, burgers, and 40% of us eat out weekly nonfast food restaurant. that's a big number. so, here is a tip. here in new york city, we have a small home-cooked italian place that i think is one of the best in the country and it's inexpensive, a real find. i've put the name of the restaurant on so you can check it out if you want. thank you if you do. back for the tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the factor website different from fox news. and if you wish to opine, the word of the day, do not be


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